I need her.. please!

I can’t get her out of my head. Everywhere I turn I see her. She’s constantly on mind

I distinctly remember the first time I laid eyes on her at that trendy nightspot, sitting all alone in a dark corner.

‘Whose beautiful creation is that? She’s gorgeous and yet she’s all alone.”

She was perfect. She had flawless skin, gorgeous face and beautiful curves; just about everything a man could want. Failing to muster up the courage to go over her, I quickly finish my drink and call it a night.

Weeks pass as I constantly reminisce about that mysterious beauty.

“Why didn’t go over to her? What was I thinking? Aughh! I’m such a fool!”

Then in strange twist of fate, she drives by while I’m on my way home from work, stuck in rush hour traffic. I’m taken aback by the shock that I’ve found her again, and I determined to make contact this time.

I quickly downshift and gun it, hoping to catch up to her. Alas, my puny 1.8 litre coupe just doesn’t have power to chase her. I’m heartbroken once again as I watch her disappear around a right hand turn as the light turn red.

“Oh no!..not again!”

Another week passes and I’ve all but given up hope on ever finding that mysterious beauty again. Then one day, as I’m strolling past a popular shopping destination in downtown I see her. She’s as beautiful as I remembered and she’s all alone. I’m finally able to muster up the courage to walk up to her and just when I’m about a meter away from her, she beeps.

Then I quickly turn over to cover up my silly-ness. There’s a guy coming to her and took her away..I did not make a time to give her a hello or something. That just makes my week suck. ‘Is he her partner?’ my conscience bombarded with this question

“Fcuk!..not again”

And yet another week passes and I don’t know whether I’m able to see her again. I got sick for about 1 week and stayed at the hospital. And everything seems like reminisce me about her. Everything. And sometimes when I'm alone I wonder is there a spell that I am under that keeping me from seeing the real thing

Then I started to realize that I’m in love. I love her enormously. I want her. But that doesn’t mean anything because I was thinking out loud. I must find a way to see her. Any way. As long as I get to see her even she already has him. It makes my heart a little cooler to think of that.

And when I was fully recovered and get back home, I begin searching all over the internet for her. And I cannot find her, just a look-like her. And then I think it can be good If I go back to the place where I usually hangout.

Saturday night was a very good night that day. And there was I, all alone, waiting for something miracle happen. For about 3 hours there, I am waiting and chatting to the owner of the restaurant. And then, at the corner of my eyes, I see her at the corner of that trendy nightspot.

I begin to run for it and take a couple of picture of her. However, there’s fine-looking-dress young man, probably a successful business man, a.k.a the owner came to me and ask, “Excuse me, what are you doing?”. I begin to sweat very much and starting gawping at the owner.

I feel like an idiot standing there next to her, with him, her owner. And then I begin to talk. “Is this yours?” ”yeah! Pretty hot isn’t it?” answer him exaggeratingly. I was like “Yeah! You are very lucky, man! Indeed a very lucky man”..

“Can I ride it?”…

“What the f*** man!? can you get your own!?

“Where did you buy it really?”

“At their showroom, you idiot!”

“People can buy it ah?”

“Of Course!”

“Owh, Ok!..is it good as it looks?”

“Yeah man! It keeping me alive every night!

“How did you manage to get the money to buy them?”

“Work smart and work hard!..plus, play MLM can oso get rich fast”

“fu-yoh! Thanks for the info man!"

“No prob bro!”

The nice young man was explaining to me how he got the ‘she’. It was a very jaw-dropping memory to see her.

The 'she' i was mentioning before is the


From there I realize that, to own the new 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, its not very easy. A meaty 320 eager horsies at 6400rpm, this is one mean mutha of Impreza. Punch through the Short throw 6-speed gearbox and it’ll get to 100km/h in about 4.5 seconds and on to a speed of 275km/h if you remove the speed limiter.

With a high-output turbo and variable valve timing, a muscle torque of 384Nm at 4400rpm, which means that you could be in any gear and all you need to do is just graze the gas pedal to get an instant explosion of acceleration. With that powerful boxer engine, every gear selected is a ‘brapppp-pschhh’..

A series of corner are really a heaven-ly good. It changes direction with a true aplomb, mid-corner grip, simply fabulous. The chassis is set up in such way that the tail will respond gladly to the throttle-lovely, controllable power slides.


a bit plagiary from Hypertune.

Edited by me

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